Friday, February 11, 2011

Showering Stacey & Baby Katelyn

Leslie and I hosted a shower for Stacey on 02/06 (yes, unfortunately, on Super Bowl Sunday). I had so much fun making things for the shower. I wanted to share all the things that we made & did with everyone.

I asked Stacey what theme she would pick if she got to pick out her own shower theme. She said that she would like a girly jungle animal theme. I jumped on board with that. I immediately got online and started looking for girly jungle animals. I found tons and tons of stuff. I was barely able to contain myself.

I emailed Leslie a few times and told her about this or that idea. I talked about the cupcake pops, cupcake and cake ideas that I had. She finally made me see reason. She did make me realize that we didn't need cake, cupcake pops and cupcakes. I hated to give one up, but I did. The cake was scratched off the list. It was scratched off partly because I didn't want to compete with Momma Theresa's (Stacey's mom) cake making skills. She is totally awesome at making cakes.

Not only was I looking for good stuff to eat, but I was also looking for onesies to make and decorating ideas. I'm really good at coming up with the ideas, but not as good with implementing them by myself. Good thing I surround myself with crafty people! I will say that I am getting to be more crafty as time goes by.

I didn't get the best pictures of everything, but I was able to snap a few.

Here goes:

1. Invitation: I could not find cute girly jungle paper anywhere! After going to Michaels and Hobby Lobby, I finally found some at JoAnn's. I love love love the paper. I loved it so much I bought it in the boy version (shhh...don't tell). My mom helped me cut the giraffe's with her machine. I think the end result was pretty adorable (I'm patting myself on the back right now...haha).
2. Overview of the food: Leslie made a fruit dip and a vegetable dip. The veggie dip was super yummy. I need to remember to get the recipe for that. Along with the dips, she brought all the fruit and veggies. I made the cupcakes. The lion cupcakes did not turn out as well as I wanted, but the monkey ones were really cute. I also made the monkey cake pops. Well, I made part of them. Marcy and Luke finished them up while I was decorating.

3. 2nd Overview of the food: I had talked to Leslie about making tissue flowers to decorate and we were going to do it the day we went shopping, but ran out of time. I ended up making them while I was snowed in. The food table looked "finished" with the flower on the front.

4. Close-up of the cupcakes: Mini Vanilla Wafers, white chocolate chips, carmel corn, brown reese's pieces, edible markers, etc., were all used.

5. Onesies: Did they not turn out adorable? I went to my Grandma's early in the week before the shower for some much needed help with making them. I actually did most of them by myself; with guidance, of course. =) A shout-out to my Grandma for sewing the completed ruffles on the butt of the purple onesie. I was scared to do that.

6. Napkin Rings: Leslie picked up all the silverware, napkins and tablecloths. I told her that I was going to use the leftover scrapbook paper that I had from the invitations to make napkin rings. I think they turned out pretty good. Just a little something extra.

7. Diaper cake: I absolutely love diaper cakes. Not only are they great for the mommy-to-be because of all the diapers, but I think they look so cute. I had a ton of fun making this. See the little frog on top? That is actually a push and spin toy. My mom helped me decorate it and I think it turned out awesome.
8: Animal Wall Hanging and Present Table: Do you not love the wall hanging? I love how the animals turned out. My mom helped me with this. She has this machine cutter that you can cut the animals out with. We used some of the invitation paper and other coordinating paper to make the animals match. This picture was taken before anyone got to the shower. I didn't want anyone to think that Stacey didn't get very much. She got a ton!
9: Old Time Friends: Picture of all of us together.
10: Stacey: Leslie and I had a great time giving you the shower. I can't wait to meet Baby Katelyn. You and Cody are going to be awesome parents.


  1. you all did a fantastic job on her shower! I'm so glad and appreciative of everything you did to make it special for my sister. And the lion cupcakes were super cute ;)

  2. You guys did great! I loved everything! I'm totally hanging the paper animals in her nursery, and the diaper cake was amazing! So cute. I'm quite impressed by how good you're getting at crafts! I also loved the invitations!! Thanks for all you do!