Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Fun

Today ends my birthday fun with Luke and Greyson. Luke cooked me my "birthday dinner" of fried chicken, homemade mac and cheese and green beans. I feel stuffed but it was really good. We have seriously been celebrating for over a week. lol. We decided to go to STL last weekend on Saturday, because it was going to be a gorgeous day and we didn't want to take a chance at not having another one. We always go to STL for my birthday. Shopping, eating and more shopping are always on the menu. This year, we added in going to the zoo. Greyson had a great time in the play area, petting zoo and the penguin house. He didn't much care for anything else. I think it was a bit overwhelming for him.

Here we are at the zoo.

Mesmerized by the penguins:

After the zoo, we headed out to lunch and then to the mall. Overall, Greyson did a great job throughout the day. I got quite a few new things, so I was happy.

Saturday the 9th (day before my birthday), we had a great day playing at the park and then going out to eat.

Quick snapshot before dinner:

On my actual birthday, we went to church and went shopping again. I still had birthday money since I got a few cards in the mail.

After church:
After shopping:
Happy Birthday to me for the final time in 2011. lol.

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  1. glad you had fun! sorry I didn't do much more than call, this mommy thing sure takes up a lot of time :)