Monday, April 25, 2011

The Hunt is On!

We had the big "hunt" yesterday. On Saturday, I asked Luke if we were going to do an egg hunt. Neither one of us has thought about it, but we decided to go ahead and do it. I got up on Sunday and went outside and placed nine eggs filled with either one gold fish or 1 animal cracker.

We got Greyson bundled up and put his basket on his arm and went out. He did enjoy getting the first two eggs, but after that he was more excited in walking (yes, he is walking now - we can't slow him down) outside. I had to pick up the rest of the eggs myself. =(

We went back inside and decided to try the "hunt" again. I hid the eggs around the living room and that went over much better. He wasn't distracted by being outside and he actually found a few eggs. They were all hid in plain view of him, but after finding two he gave up. We still have eggs sitting around. I know he will get a kick out of opening them over the week. He loves finding his surprise in each one.

I'm sad that I have no pictures of him in his Easter outfit. We went on a walk on Saturday and my allergies have been killing me ever since. We decided to stay home from Church yesterday, because it was either that or blow my nose every five minutes in Church. How annoying is that?

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