Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trials of a Sewing Virgin : Part Two

I have a few different projects going on right now and it has been driving me nuts. I keep telling myself to just go ahead and finish one of them. This tie onesie has been sitting on my table for the past month. I had the tie cut out but just hadn't sew it to the onesie. I told myself that I was going to finish it over Greyson's nap this morning. Well, I did. I decided to try to sew the tie on without using the iron-on backing. I used the iron-on backing on the last tie onesie before I sewed it and I just wanted to give it a go without doing that this time. Part of the reason is because that iron-on stuff always gets glue on my needle and I hate that.

Anyways, so as I was sewing I realized that the thread was acting up. It felt really heavy and thick. I kept trucking along though. I sewed around the edges and I think it looks pretty good. After finishing, I decided to look at the thread. I realized that the thread I was using was extra-strong. I didn't realize that when I picked it up from Walmart. Well, I learned something new. Now I know that using extra-strong thread makes it more difficult.

Finished product:

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